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Recurring Income

Our platform provides you with monthly commissions to deliver a steady stream of income. Choose your level of involvement.

Proven Value

Our customers are acheiving real results every single day and we have the metrics to prove it. Your clients will be ecstaic with the outcome.

Turnkey Platform

We’ve build a program and platform that gives your clients access to all their information and metrics online.

Who is Linked Marketing for?

Whether you have a distributed sales team or you are the sole salesperson, if your audience is B2B, then our platform is for you.

  • Professional Services
  • Technology Consultants
  • Consultants, Speakers & Coaches
  • Manufacturers
  • B2B Franchise Organizations

Who are the people behind Linked Marketing?

We are a team of marketers, strategists and developers who’ve created a unique solution that has quietly delivered consistent results to B2B business owners and sales people, developing raving, loyal fans since 2013 using our methodology for social selling success.  

We’ve developed processes, tools, and assets to streamline the prospecting process for sales teams and generate real opportunities. 

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