A simple, effective LinkedIn lead generation program.

A platform to deliver qualified opportunities for your sales team.

Target specific, ideal individuals at companies.

Schedule qualified appointments.

Send messages proven to drive action.



Let your sales team focus on closing, not hunting.

Our managed service allows you to spend your time focusing on the prospects that raise their hands asking for your help, while wasting no time with the rest.

Target your ideal prospects.

Properly position yourself as an authority in your marketplace.

Connect and create personalized engagement with ideal prospects.

Develop goodwill and offer value through personalized one-to-one messaging.

Make offers at the right time to book consultations or discovery meetings.

Continue nurturing and stay top-of-mind through regular content sharing and re-marketing.

Who is Linked Marketing for?

Whether you have a distributed sales team or you are the sole salesperson, if your audience is B2B, then our platform is for you.

  • Professional Services
  • Technology Consultants
  • Consultants, Speakers & Coaches
  • Manufacturers
  • B2B Franchise Organizations

Who are the people behind Linked Marketing?

We are a team of marketers, strategists and developers who’ve created a unique solution that has quietly delivered consistent results to B2B business owners and sales people, developing raving, loyal fans since 2013 using our methodology for social selling success.  

We’ve developed processes, tools, and assets to streamline the prospecting process for sales teams and generate real opportunities. 

Ok, so what’s the process?

You tell us about your ideal client and your business offer, we handle the rest.

We know that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Our method and process allows us to expedite this process following the following steps.

Step 1


Playing off of human nature, guided by results & feedback, our system will allow you to stand out in large and noisy crowds, by elevating your authority using your expertise. The net outcome of this includes:

  • Getting emails opened, read, and responded to.

  • Getting more and better client referrals.

  • Asking better questions to get better results.

  • Organically engineering demand for your solutions.

Step 2


Using LinkedIn’s filters and boolean search, targeting the right audience makes all the difference and once you’ve done so, here’s what will follow:

  • Your messaging will be on point and empathetic with target audience, resonating more effectively.
  • Your creative concepts and solutions will be congruent with messaging.
  • Choose the right call to action and delivery mechanism for next steps in the sales process.


Step 3


Avoid one of the biggest mistakes made on LinkedIn by personalizing your initial outreach, as you also provide context for why you’re connecting with your prospects. 

This simple distinction will begin opening doors to opportunity, on autopilot. 

Step 4


A major pitfall for other automation systems and tools is the perception of unwanted, automated spam. Re-inventing the discovery and nurturing process, our solution obliterates this perception by: 

  • Creating goodwill and establish yourself as a valuable connection.

  • Building all-important familiarity within your network, through personalized, one-to-one communications and high-value social media content sharing.

  • Demonstrating value to trigger reciprocation when you do make a simple offer.

Step 5

Irresistible Offers

Shift the conversation to advance your cause when the time is right. This is the step that most never even get to, let alone address successfully. With our system and proven method, you’ll be lining up real opportunities by configuring your offers in ways that deliver value to your prospects and set you up for success.

  • On demand, automated webinar presentations to deliver your sales presentation, 24/7.

  • All contacts who engage are captured for re-marketing efforts.

  • Promotion of your booking calendar.

Step 6

Go Beyond

Despite all the wonderful benefits that LinkedIn offers, the biggest drawback is the minimal time users spend at the network and a lack of urgency in responding to their LinkedIn inbox. To combat this, our program will move the conversation to your prospect’s business email inbox if there’s no response on LinkedIn. 

  • Business email verification

  • Fully automated and sequenced follow-up touches. 

  • One-to-one, personalized email outreach designed to deliver value and get results.

Wanted to reach out and tell you that your system works! Going on two weeks and I’m just shy of 280 new (targeted) connections and at least 10 meetings booked, and I’m trying to close a $100k project I came across from your system.

Conversations with local brand heavyweights that I would never have any sort of communication with.

Making contact with the right people that would never happen over the phone.

Thanks again for your guidance and assistance.

Clay MuhlenkampSanta Ana, CA

“This approach is applicable both to “newbies” and “seasoned” marketers to build credibility, engage folks and ultimately leading to appointments, meetings and sales.

The program was a great success.”

Brian KwiatkowskiBoston, MA
“This program has taken the concept that we should be more visible on social media as a way to strategically connect with prospects and designed in a way to turn that into reality with a group of small business owners who previously were neophytes to the medium.”
Dave MyklebustDublin, OH

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Meet Our LinkedIn Marketing Team

Smart. Driven. Focused. Experienced.

Andy Halko


Tony Zayas

Chief Link Officer

Matt Benedetti

Implementation Director

Julia Toke

Success Strategist

Marissa Jansen

Success Strategist

Karl Espiritu

Operations Manager

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